Bringing context-aware, proactive and intelligent assistant experiences to any network, application or service on any device.

Gets you started

Your morning summary prepares you for what lies ahead in your day.

Gets you started


Anticipates trouble and warns early enough for you to take action.


Prepares you

Be prepared with backgrounds on meeting attendees, emails they’ve sent, recent related news.

Prepares you

Saves your time

From the zillions of emails you get, hear the few that need your action.

Saves your time

Saves your $$

Deals based on where you’re at, what you’re doing, and what you’re interested in.

Save your $$
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What's reQallRover?

reQall Rover is one reference design application of an intelligent, proactive assistant that continuously datamines past, current, and future context and offers assistance unprompted; it doesn’t sit idle waiting for the user to ask a question before offering assistance.

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Want on the beta list?

The reference design of reQall Rover is available for download for a limited number of users as a private beta. Sign up with your email address to get on the waiting list. We will send you a code to activate reQall Rover as soon as we can.

Have an access code already? Download the App

To download reQall Rover, take a picture of this QR Code with any barcode scanner application on your Android Phone.

Or click on this link:

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ReQall: The Context-Aware Intelligent Assistant Experience

Imagine your phone being your intelligent assistant that will give you your next move based on where you are and what you’re currently doing. ReQall is doing just that with their technology and is not just limited to your phone but to any network, application, or service on any device.

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Meet reqallable, the smartwatch app that rescues you from notifications overload

Smartwatches usually treat notifications with blunt-force indiscretion. It’s an all or nothing affair. You either turn off notifications entirely, letting your wrist wear go quiet, or you leave notifications on, and let the watch respond to all incoming signals with a buzz or a chime.

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Apps That Know What You Want, Before You Do

SAN FRANCISCO — In Hollywood, there are umbrella holders. Outside corner offices, there are people who know exactly how much cream to pour in the boss’s coffee.

   In British castles, royals have their valets. And then there is Silicon Valley, where mind-reading personal assistants come in the form of a cellphone app.

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Apps know what you need before you do

IN THE film Minority Report, Tom Cruise lives in a digital world. Touchscreens are everywhere, shoppers are greeted by digital assistants who know what they want. Cars drive themselves to work.

   When the film was released in 2002, it looked like science fiction. But now

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With reQall Rover, Your Phone as Personal Secretary

Thanks to a slew of recent technology advances, the smartphone is turning into a truly personalized information assistant that can handle everything from your appointments to traffic reports.

   A new Android app called reQall Rover wants to turn your smartphone into an intelligent information assistant.

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ReQall Rover Seeks Out And Consolidates Updates From Multiple Mobile Apps And Services

Microsoft thinks that the current mobile app metaphor is a bad thing, and has designed Windows Phone 7 to consolidate information in hubs and provide information via live tiles so that one can quickly get the information they seek. A beta Andrsoid app called reQall Rover provides a similar form of consolidation, but in a more elegant way, in a single Android app

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ReQall Rover Is a Location-Based Personal Assistant for Android

We're busy people, and can't be expected to spend every second poring over all the email, news, and other info we're bombarded with every day. ReQall Rover gives you personalized, location-based information on your phone for everything you need to know.

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